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Slow life.
Vicious circle.
Round trip for the buffer.
Junk of life.
Cheap construction.
Tin, cords, iron wire.
Eccentric wooden pulleys.
Monotonous flywheel.
Beer professor.

Drawing Machine
TYPE 4 (Crimes of Futility No. 6) the prototype for the ArtistMachine*. One of a species, a genotype of little mark-making machines.

TYPE 4 produces TIGHT CIRCLE WITH POINTED BASE AND LEANING TO ONE SIDE possibly exhibiting some sexual associations or a similarity to some internal bodily organ; up to 30% variation within type.

Recomended Production Colour #000000 black. Profound, individuated, expressive this mark is about the deepest stirrings of the human soul in the face of the Void.

Suggested production run for this sector: 2000

*an unstable, erratic and deeply needy machine unfit for unsupervised general release: see menu item "Crimes of Futility No.7: The Artistmachine" above.