Copyright 2009

Crimes of Futility No.8:

"Machine for Capturing The Fleeting Moment"
An Artist's Multiple* in an edition of 10.

Previous versions of the Mutoscope mounted a single loop of repeated action - a shadow of the four-dimensional "inconceivable figure in Time" that the mechanism hints at in its form. This new work offers a number of linked, repeated actions which hint at the possibility of some kind of narrative resolution by the reader which will break the cycle of obsessive, pointless repetitions - or maybe not...For this piece I have designed a basic, easily-manufactured Mutoscope; a simple, tabletop device. Each little machine is complete and self-contained in its own right then, when arranged together in a particular space and formation, combines with the rest to work as a new, distinct and individual piece. The relationship of parts to whole is of a kind of colony or swarm.

* 3 remaining unsold of edition: Price: €900.00 contact the the artist.