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Rachel Haferkamp Gallery, Köln, February - March 2004

The work in this was a survey of pieces from the past 3 years or so plus a number of new works. The earliest were the Celebrant Suit and the Mutoscope. The large piece upstairs with the cardboard boxes and dexion racking was a reconstruction, with modifications, of something I'd shown at the Örebro Konsthall in 2003. Sadly the gallery has now closed but the Rachel Haferkamp website still has some very good documentation of this work, with some of the soundtrack, and of all the other work they showed.

I also showed the single-screen video animation "Irreligious Broascasting" for the first time there and the "Tourettes Box". Alongside the media works I had a a whole wall of small drawings, which I don't usually show; while not working drawings as such, they are part of the developmental process of the bigger pieces and got a very positive reaction from visitors to the show.