Copyright 2009

HOTEL/MOTEL/MOTET was made in collaboration with poet Richard Price and had its first showing as part of the Hull Literature Festival – Humber Mouth – in June 2008.
Shown in the Project Space at Café 171, Jerwood Space (171 Union Street, London SE1 0LN) from August 2nd to September 20th 2010 .

It is one of a series of experiments in the re-staging of narrative in a form which blends the visual, the verbal and the physical – poetry, animation and sculpture.

The piece will be installed in  public spaces to “perform” its texts continuously, allowing a passing audience to give it as much or as little time as they choose, rewarding prolonged attention with a contantly-shifting cycle of possible combinations.

We hope that HOTEL/MOTEL/MOTET will gently introduce a literary audience to new ideas in Electronic and Media Art and a visual art audience to equally exciting currents in contemporary poetry. For viewers new to both fields we hope it will be a generous and accessible work based as it is in those most ubiquitous devices of storytelling and wordplay.