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Rehearsal 2 at the School of Fine Art, University of Leeds November 22nd 2016

WORK FOR RECORD PLAYERS, Rehearsal 2 Leeds 22/11/16 from simon lewandowski on Vimeo.

An open rehearsal at the Calder, Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield Thursday May 5th 2016

"Work For Record Players" 5th May 2016. excerpt from simon lewandowski on Vimeo.

A work in progress; two voices recorded on vinyl instruct, comment on and talk to two performers who try to mostly comply - sometimes they "...take the needle back..." sometimes not, they try to keep the voices talking as long as they can before they get to the point where they say "...this time it's the turn the record over."
The work will be developed over the summer for more public airings where it will be installed for a day at a time with performers in relay.